Weddings & Baptisms


St Barnabas is a beautiful setting for your wedding, with its big, light building and central situation. If you have always dreamt of a church wedding, or are thinking about it for the first time, we will be delighted to help and support you. Having your wedding in church makes it very special and personal, and adds a beauty and spirituality to this very important day.Visit where you will find very helpful information and lots of answered questions about church weddings.


There are certain legal requirements that must be fulfilled for you to be married in a particular church. If either or both of you live within the parish boundaries there is no problem at all. To check out the parish where you live visit You can also be eligible to be married in a certain church if you have a qualifying connection with that church, such as a parent or grandparent who has been married in the church, or a parent who has [since your birth] lived in the parish for at least six months. There are in total six qualifying connections like this – visit for details.

If none of these apply you are invited to worship regularly [at least once a month] at St Barnabas for at least six months before we talk of dates and planning. You can also in very special circumstances apply for an Archbishop’s license. If one or both of you is divorced the vicar will meet with you before a decision is made as to whether a church wedding will be possible.

To discuss any aspect of planning your wedding please attend the “Vestry time” which is held in the church office most Thursdays from 6 – 6.30pm. If this is not possible phone Sheila Jewell on 01452 538249 or email The cost of a wedding in St Barnabas (2014] is £557, which includes all the legal fees, an organist, bells and heating. There are additional fees for flowers of a particular colour and for service booklets.  There are two singing groups- Hymn Singers and Music Group who might be available to sing.  Do enquire about fees and availability for this if you would like this to be part of your special day.
As part of the preparation for your wedding at St Barnabas you will be asked to attend a half-day marriage preparation course early in the year.

Christening Service/ Baptism Service

 It is always a joy to welcome children and their families to St Barnabas.  A Christening Service is another name for a Baptism Service and the services are identical.  We use the title Baptism Service at St Barnabas. We like to make it a very special occasion for you. There are no legal requirements for baptism and all those who live in our parish may have their child baptised at St Barnabas. If you live out of our parish but have special or former connections with the parish [eg you have been married here, or you yourself were baptised here] it is usually possible to arrange a baptism at St Barnabas. To see which is your local parish church visit To discuss your baptism, please visit the vestry which is held in church most Thursdays from 6 – 6.30pm.  If this is not possible for you email or phone the vicar:  Baptisms are on Sundays, except in extreme circumstances, and there is usually a couple of Sundays each month when services happen.  It is likely your service will be shared with one other family.  We can seat 175.  We ask you to invite no more than 80 people.  Although some guests number as much as this it is just as special to have twenty!   Sometimes we are booking a few months in advance, so we advise families to come to the Thursday Vestry Time before making any arrangements with family and friends.

Thanksgivings and Blessings

If making the vows and promises of the Christian faith are not for you then we can offer a short moment of thanksgiving for your child.  There are set prayers and words for this which we can look at together and then add some personal touches.  This opportunity to thank God for the baby also includes a moment when we can pray for you as a family.  Thanksgivings happen within a family service.  Family services at St Barnabas are on the third Sunday of the month at 10am.  To talk this through please come along to the church on a Thursday between 6pm and 6.30pm [Vestry Time] to make arrangements with the vicar.  If you cannot come then please email  For these services we can accommodate a good number of guests up to 60, but the service is equally special when there are a handful of family and friends present.


We look forward to helping any family who live in our parish, or those who have close links with the parish, at a time of bereavement. Funerals are arranged via the funeral directors, who will in turn contact the vicar. A member of the clergy will visit the bereaved family as soon as possible and help with all aspects of the planning of the funeral service. A funeral can either be held in the church or in the Crematorium, depending on your wishes.