House Groups and Courses

Hilary PentycrossHouse Groups

To enable more informal meeting than a Sunday morning at church can allow we have several small groups that meet in people’s homes during the week, both during the day and in the evening, providing everyone an opportunity to attend. Each group has about 6-10 members. The groups provide a setting for Bible study, discussion, prayer and closer friendship than a large gathering allows.  As friendships build the group offers a place where individuals can share their concerns with fellow Christians knowing that whatever is discussed is done so in confidence. The meetings have a serious side as we learn together but we always seek to enjoy our friendship and fellowship, and have some social times together as well. Most groups meet fortnightly during the term times. Previously we have followed studies on the theme of Christian character, in the book of Ruth and in the book of Exodus.

This term house groups are looking at Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on Mount in Matthew’s gospel and how we apply this in our lives. Do speak to me, Hilary Pentycross on 07766 955057 if you are not in a house group and would like to be.